Pocket helps you remember stuff. It's a free cross-platform
tool that lets you take notes anytime, anywhere.

1,992 people use Pocket every day to remember 9,374 things, and counting.

  • Txt msg notes to your dashboard
  • Keep your notes in one place
  • Organize notes with tags
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    SMS integration

    Create notes by sending text messages to Pocket. When you log in, they appear on your dashboard.

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    Dashboard view

    View and edit all of your notes in one place. No confusing directories or folders to worry about.

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    Organize with tags

    Use hashtags in your notes to label and categorize similar notes, like #homework and #todo.

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    Drag & drop

    Rearrange notes in any order by dragging them around the screen and dropping them where you want.

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    Customize look

    Change the color of your notes or change your dashboard wallpaper. It's your Pocket!

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    Attach files

    Attach photos, documents, or any other files to your notes so you'll always have them. *Pocket Premium only

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    Access anywhere

    Login to Pocket to access your notes from anywhere - home, work, or school. Pocket goes where you go.

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    Download the Pocket application for your iPhone or Android mobile device.
    *Coming soon

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    Note history

    You can view or restore your notes after they have been deleted.
    *Pocket Premium only

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    Support forever

    No need to worry about losing your notes, because Pocket isn't going anywhere. It's here to stay!

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  • Pocket is a note-taking tool rooted in simplicity and elegance, born out of frustration with existing solutions.

    If jotting an idea on a sticky note is so quick and effortless, why should an online tool be any different? This was the approach taken when developing Pocket. The result is an extremely powerful and flexible tool in a lightweight package. A lack of strict definition encourages you to take notes in a way that makes sense to you, not to be tied down by a system that was designed for somebody else. Try Pocket today – it’s free and takes just seconds to sign up!

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